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Frequently Asked Questions

BIOPOQ distributes its cardboard medication containers, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, in chains and banners of affiliated pharmacies.

Pharmacist-owners can obtain BIOPOQ products from their usual wholesaler.

If you are a patient and would like to try our products, please ask your pharmacy. We will gladly send them samples. However, it is not possible to send samples directly to patients.

If you are another healthcare professional (veterinarian, medical cannabis supplier, etc.) and would like to use our products for your patients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The price of eco-responsible BIOPOQ cardboard containers is on average a little higher than that of plastic containers. The cost of the raw material justifies this discrepancy, as does the manufacturing process, which is much more complex than plastic injection. Finally, lower production rates also affect the cost of packaging. But isn't it paid little to reduce plastic pollution in the environment?

Of course, the cost of biodegradable and recyclable packaging is set to decrease over time thanks to our investments in automation and increased sales volume.

Rest assured, however, for patients, the price of drugs remains the same since their packaging is included in the operating costs of your pharmacy, as is delivery.

We opted for a clear plastic cap so that patients could see the contents of their jar. At the same time, pharmacists can more easily check the prescription to ensure that it is the right drug, in accordance with their obligations. This limits the risk of errors.

The plastic cap also makes the PIL-POQ vial safer for children in accordance with ISO 8317 thanks to its PUSH-TURN opening mechanism, which otherwise would not be the case.

Even so, our PIL-POQ vials are made of 90% biodegradable cardboard and the plastic cap can be easily separated and recycled after use. This is a big improvement over 100% plastic vials.

Indeed, PIL-POQ vials are child-proof, in accordance with ISO 8317 (certification in progress).

The inside of the PIL-POQ vials, on the other hand, is made with food grade paper. This allows us to meet the hygiene and cleanliness standards required by retail pharmacies.

PIL-POQ cardboard vials protect drugs from light and moisture (under normal conditions of use).

Finally, cardboard PIL-POQ vials are more impact resistant than plastic vials which can burst when dropped from above on a hard surface.

Medication containers are single-use for the duration dispensed and should not be reused due to the risk of cross-contamination. However, you can recycle your empty BIOPOQ containers at home, by throwing the cardboard part into the compost bin and the plastic part into recycling.

If you have any medications left over that you no longer need or that have expired, you can return them to your pharmacy, where they will be sure to destroy them safely.

Are you a distributor or wholesaler for pharmacies in Canada or the United States and want to distribute BIOPOQ cardboard products? Being in full expansion, we are looking for partners to distribute our products. Contact us and we will work with you to reduce the amount of plastic in pharmacies.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer all your questions about our products!

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